July 13, 2019 @ 12:30 PM to 5:30 PM
Tustumena Elementary

Build huge forts, use exotic weapons, find loot, and level up your squad while leading the world's remaining Heroes in the fight to save humanity and take back the world.
This year we theme out our Peninsula Paintball game with Fortnite! Register to sign up on a team then drop in and go head to head against other friends and foes!

Youth will meet at Tustamena Elementary at 12:30 PM for registration. Paintball marker packages offered on a first come basis. Register today!

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Welcome to Paintball.
Want to know what happens on the day of? Read on.

Youth who register online are immediately recruited to the team that they register for. Commanders will bargain between each other for Food Fighters who have no team preference. Registration will close 24-hours before the event.

At 12:30 PM, players arrive at the site to check in, obtain gear and meet their Team Commander.

Youth meet at Tustamena Elementary where they are oriented to the Setup and Safety Zones. The Event General will give a Welcome and Prayer. He will cover Paintball Rules to ensure that everyone plays safe. Safety is the #1 factor and is stressed above competition and storyline. To enforce this, referees will be on-field with each team at all times. Markers brought by individuals, will be velocity chronoed at the church. Each gun will be tournament set at 300 fps or lower. Multiple scenario-based missions will then be carried out by each team.

Read the Paintball Rules before play.

Will the famed pickaxe make an appearance? Or the bush?

Have no gear? Have no fear!

Birch Ridge Youth has been blessed by multiple local benefactors who believe in this event and its purpose which is to reach youth across the Peninsula, connecting them to a youth group set on loving them for Jesus.

We now have multiple paintball packages for rent to those who register. Registration offers various Add-Ons. Rental Packages include the marker, hopper and CO2. Due to their cost, paintballs are sold separately. Also included for purchase are items that put a little extra pizzazz into the field. These include paint grenades and distraction devices.

It is our goal to reach as many youth as possible with this event. We hope to turn none away who want to play. Please call Birch Ridge if you need financial help in reserving a marker package.

Here's the insider info only the diehards read.

Food Fight

Durr Burger Vs. Tomato Head, who will win and finally settle this long standing rivalry? You will decide the fate.
Time: 30 minutes
Goal: Destroy the opposing team.
Team Reward: 3 V-Bucks per player

Rainbow Smash

Branch off from the team and go head to head with your squad. Easy right? Just ride out the storm
Time: 30 minutes
Goal: Destroy all other squads.
Squad Reward: 3 V-Bucks per Squad Alive

Ace of Spades

Who will be the ace of burying others and come out on top? Let's get digging!
Time: 30 minutes
Goal: Collect as many colors as you can hidden all over the field to win.
Individual Reward: 5 V-Bucks

Apples to Apples

Who doesn't like a good juicy apple. Hey! They keep the doctor away...unless of course everyone is fighting for them!
Time: 30 minutes
Goal: Find the apples hidden on field.
Individual Reward: 1 V-Buck per Apple

Husks Vs. Humans

The Husks have come through the inter-dimensional portal and are taking over the world! Stop them before everyone becomes one!
Time: 30 minutes
Goal: Destroy all Husks OR Destroy all Humans
Reward: 5 V-Bucks to surviving Humans

Battle Royale

So, you're a tough guy eh? Try chaotically starting in the same place as everyone else and see how long you can live.
Time: 30 minutes
Goal: Destroy everyone.
Individual Reward: None

Another cool thing about this event...

We're excited to play a Fornite-based paintball campaign! As such, we have to come in costume right?!

No. It's not a requirement, but those who do come in a Fortnite skin will be given 100 free paintballs and entered into a competition for the best costume award. The award will be judged by the General, Commanders, and Referees.

To Win the Best Skin Award:

  • Have an authentic Fornite look (t-shirts won't win).
  • Wear your costume with pride the entire event.
  • Rare skins are considered more valuable.
  • Boogiedown with your character.
And lastly, the best part of this paintball campaign...

Only one winner will come out on top.

Though there will be many games played, only one person will be crowned the #1 Victor Royale and win the coveted operational golden semi-automatic paintball gun.

The Victor Royale will be the one with the most V-Bucks as follows:

  • 1 V-Buck will be used per revive (after you are out).
  • V-Bucks will be awarded for in-game victories.
  • Some on-field items will award additional V-Bucks.

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