“Hope is a Dangerous thing.” - Mazerunner

November 4, 2018 @ 6-8 PM

It's a maze filled with twists and turns sure to get your head spinning. Find yourself stuck in a maze with zombies with only your Nerf gun to protect you! We begin setup of a new maze design early October. We will then run the maze with various games of advanced tag with ninja versus zombies. Who will win this year? 

Registration is not needed for this event. Just show up with zombie gear, dressed as a zombie, ninja, or mercenary! Bring a Nerf gun if possible. If you don't have one...come anyway. The civilians have goals too! Stay alive!

Want to know more? Read on...

The Story

Dawn of the Dead

You are at Youth Group about to leave, when the power goes out. No one else but your friends are at church…but some of them are in other places though. After sending a friend out to investigate, you hear a scream. Gather all your friends and get out the back door…alive!

Freaky Friday

You begin to run through the streets of the city and find that everyone is turning into a Zombie! Additionally, there is something chasing you that looks like it's from Chucky Cheese! Find the exit and get out of the maze without touching a single Zombie to win!

World War Z

You begin seeing corporate mercenary ninja entering Soldotna. You overhear one of them say something about how the lab experiment went totally wrong. They plan on killing everything. Now you're just in the way.

I Am Legend

The Corporation has found the cure for the Zombie within one person who was hiding among them. Their plans are to extricate the person who is now called The Legend, and use the DNA to create a serum to stop the undead madness!

Guns A Blazin'

The Corporation has found the cure for the Zombie and are ready to administer it to every Undead you come across. Problem is…only three ninja are still alive…and the zombie are growing immune to the serum already.

Here's the rules...in case you want to prepare for the apocalypse!

Rules of Play

1.1    Stay in the Designated Areas.
1.1.1      Do not enter through any closed doors (except to pee).
1.1.2      Do not open the door to the opposite gender bathrooms.
1.1.3      Do not go outside the maze walls.

1.4    Take Care of the Maze
1.4.1      Stay away from the walls, they will fall.
1.4.2      Don’t use the posts to help you turn a corner, they’ll fall or break.

1.5    Zombie cannot enter Safe Zones.

1.2    Use appropriate touch.
1.2.1      Do not touch/tag someone in a private area.
1.2.2      Do not ram or intentionally hurt others.
1.2.3      Wrestling moves are not allowed.

1.3    Shoot away from the head.

1.6    Zombie CAN crawl under walls.
1.7    If touched by a zombie, you are a zombie.
1.8    When touched by a zombie, do a Down/Up, then you are Zombie Active!
1.9    If you are shot by a ninja, do a Down/Up, then you are Active Again!
1.10    The Alpha Zombie is the ONLY Zombie who can RUN.
1.11     Zombie on the ground cannot tag ninja.

Ready to fight for your life? Join us.